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Mayor Leffingwell receives the Austin Chronicle endorsement for re-election!

Posted on: April 26th, 2012 by Nate

We are incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of the Austin Chronicle! We appreciate their recognition of the mayor’s leadership on the biggest issues facing our growing city from the environment to the economy. Below is an excerpt from today’s article. Pick up a copy and look for our endorsement ad next to Willie – one of our biggest supporters!

Lee Leffingwell has been an excellent mayor. 

That’s the bottom line for those us at the Chronicle supporting Leffingwell’s re-election, and despite the inevitable campaign noise, we don’t find the counter-arguments persuasive. While the mayor is only first among equals on City Council, he deserves considerable credit for setting the progressive tone at City Hall, and for establishing the entire public agenda for the administration. Austin has weathered a severe economic recession in much better shape than the rest of the country, and while city government is not wholly responsible for that resilience (and we’re not out of the woods, here or nationally), the mayor and council deserve credit for being proactive on economic development and job creation, and for delicately balancing budgetary economies with public needs when other levels of government have been imposing irrational and counterproductive austerity.

-Austin Chronicle 4/26/2012

Read the full article on their website.